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Equipment: Horizontal Injection Blow Molding machine
Equipment Type: Plastic Special Equipment -> Injection Molding Machine
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Post Time: 2022-05-30
Main Features: The one-step injection blow molding machine is one of Guanxin`s New technology plastic molding machines. This plastic injection blow moulding machine is a horizontal injection molding equipment to produce kinds of hollow products like bottles or plastic drums. These plastic injection blowing molding machines are developed to achieve fully automated mass production with high quality, high output capacity and lower manufacturing cost. With less investment and significant economic benefits, it is the trend of mainstream technology in the future. The hollow products produced by this injection blow molding process system have made a qualitative leap in terms of appearance and performance, production efficiency, and quality. Our customers are satisfied with our bottle injection blow moulding machine, without buying a new extrusion blow molding machine or a vertical injection blowing molding machine. And this plastic injection blowing molding machine can be used to produce normal injection molding products like bottle caps and lids and lots of other injection molded parts.
Usage: for daily life, household appliances, automotive, logistics, health care, engineering, electronics, plumbing, construction, packaging and other fields of various types of precision thermoplastic products, plastic bottle injection blowing molding production, injection blowing molding
Description: As one of the IBM injection blow molding machine manufacturers in China, Guanxin Plastic Machinery independently developed the front mold casting control system for “direct temperature forming technology” to allow the preform temperature to be simultaneously adjusted during injection molding. With this technology, the normal injection molding machine can be used injection blowing molding machine. From the raw material to the finished bottles or plastic drums, only one-time injection molding is required, and the residual temperature of the preform is used to extend the blow molding, which does not require additional heating control and cumbersome processes. The mold is directly blow molded to achieve efficient production. The technology ensures the blowing temperature is high-precision, high-strength, and corresponding wall-thickness. This injection blow molding technology can be easily adjusted to achieve a high-quality state of container products. You need one injection molding machine only, with replacing different molds only to produce normal injection molding production, but also can make injection blow molding products like lots of bottles and plastic drums with different shapes in different materials PP, PE, PS, ABS, BAREX, PC, PVC, etc. Our injection blow molding system has very strong adaptability and a very high machine utilization rate, helping you expand the production line and bring down the manufacturing cost.
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