Guanxin Plastic Machinery CO., LTD
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Equipment: Injection Molding Machines
Equipment Type: Plastic Special Equipment -> Injection Molding Machine
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Post Time: 2022-05-30
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Usage: for daily life, household appliances, automotive, logistics, health care, engineering, electronics, plumbing, construction, packaging and other fields of various types of precision thermoplastic products, production
Description: Guanxin Plastic Machinery co., LTD (Guangdong Guangzhisheng Inteligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.)is a professional plastic injection molding machines manufacturer in China. An economic entity with abundant experience in developing and manufacturing plastic injection molding machines. Our engineers have more than 15 years of experience in the plastic molding machines designs and manufacturing industry. Guanxin had developed many optimized injection molding machines for dedicated industries like PET preform manufacturing, PVC/PPR pipe fitting injection molding, medical instruments making, rigid crates, and paint buckets injection moulding machines. As a leading plastic injection molding machines manufacturer in China, we are offering turnkey solutions for our customers as well. Including the material treatment equipment, injection molds, product take-out robot, in-mold-labeling system, conveyors, quality checking, product packing machines, etc. Guanxin Plastic Machinery co., LTD Focus on manufacturing energy-saving, high speed, and high precision injection molding machines to the plastic molding market. And it is satisfied with our customer about the quality and performance. Our global service network can provide professional pre-sale consultant service, Tech-support, and machines maintenance according to customers’ exact applications. You are warm welcome to contact us with detailed or brief project requirements. We will try our best to help you in the business to have a win-win situation for lifetime strategy partners and friends.
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